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December 7, 2020

At home flower care

You’ve just received a beautiful bunch of flowers, you love them! You want to get the most out of them! But, wait.. Where’s the best spot to place them? What vase would work best? Is sugar in the water a thing?

Here’s all you need to know about displaying and caring for your new blooms at home at home.

Start by following these steps

  • Unwrap the flowers
  • Find a suitable vase and fill with water – about 1/3 of the bouquet height, we don’t want the vase swallowing the flowers!
  • Re cut about 2-3cm off the stem ends on a sharp angle – this ensures double the surface area for the flowers to be drinking
  • Remove any excess leaves that will sit below the water line
  • Put your bouquet of flowers in the vase, ensuring all stem ends are in water
  • Display your flowers in your favourite spot in the home and enjoy!

Tips to keep my flowers fresher for longer

  • Re-trim stem ends and change vase water every 2-3 days – we don’t recommend sugar or preservative in the water, just a clean vase and fresh water is the best thing for your cut flowers
  • Keep blooms away from direct sunlight and heating and cooling vents
  • Avoid placing flowers next to the fruit bowl – the ethylene gas produced by the ripening fruit can cause the flowers to age earlier than usual
  • Simply remove and dispose of any spoiled blooms to allow the remaining flowers to flourish!

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