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December 2, 2020

Being the best plant parent

A guide to making your indoor plants the best version of themselves.

Perhaps your indoor plant is not looking as luscious as it did when you first brought it home? Or you’re just wanting to ensure you’re giving your plant the best care possible.

Try following these simple steps

  1. Place your indoor plant in a position where it will receive good natural light – avoid windows that get direct sun or drafts from heating and cooling vents
  2. Be mindful of under or over watering – the best way to check if your plant needs a water is to push your finger into the soil, if it feels dry, give it a water, if it is still moist, don’t.
  3. Keep the foliage clean! If you notice dust settling on the leaves, gently wipe them clean with damp cloth
  4. Tropical indoor plants love humidity – an easy way to create this is by mist spraying the foliage with fresh water
  5. If you notice a few leaves on your plant have turned brown, trim them off so your plant can put its energy into new growth.
  6. Is the plant too big for the pot? Are the leaves not as healthy and shiny as they were? Try choosing a pot the next size up, loosen the roots and fill with a premium potting mix
  7. Nourish and fertilise your plants with Munash Organics, there Soil Food and Foliage Spray feed your indoor plants with the minerals they need to thrive. They are also vegan, organic, 100% natural and easy to use.
  8. Most of all, enjoy your indoor plants and the purified air they provide! Be mindful that like us, they can be a bit slow in the cooler winter months, however come spring and summer they will be more likely to produce new growth.

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